Our Programs.

Robina First Early Learning Centre has been rated overall “Exceeding” the National Quality Standards by The Queensland Department of Education & Training. Our Early Childhood Teacher delivers the Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program. We were also nominated for Early Childhood Service Provider of the Year, 2016, together with both staff and Director nominations.

Robina First Early Learning Centre creates specialised programs for every classroom in our Robina childcare centre. Our programs are designed using The Early Years Learning Framework set by the Queensland Studies Authority.

Our programs provide a balance of teacher initiated and spontaneous experiences. We recognise that some of the most brilliant learning opportunities can present themselves in the most unlikely moments so we use these opportunities to cultivate a love of learning and engage children in experiences that are of interest and meaning to them. 

Our Director and Education Leader, collaborate with each Lead Educator to create programs that incorporate contemporary research and the latest teaching methodologies. We closely align ourselves with local schools, to ensure our programs meet school readiness requirements and provide a smooth transition to school. 

We also program for the individual development of every child in our care, to assist them in reaching and achieving key developmental milestones.  As capable learners, we believe in encouraging children to reach their maximum potential and strive to promote each child’s confidence through experiences that facilitate challenge and develop children’s capacities to initiate and lead learning. We view learning as holistic, dynamic and complex and aspire to provide secure and trusting environments where your child feels safe to take risks.

Our educators skilfully engage children in experiences designed to challenge inquisitive minds and our educators are continuously observing children’s developments to assist each child in reaching their goals. 

At Robina First Early Learning Centre we value education, and not just the education of the children, but of our staff too! It is important to us that our staff are continuously growing and developing their skills. After all, research is always discovering new things, and trends are always changing. Any good professional will be on top of, and responding to these changes and our staff are no exception!

Staff training and professional development is not usually something that is discussed with parents in early childhood settings, but we believe it is important that we acknowledge and celebrate the dedication, enthusiasm and commitment of our educators. Our educators love children and understand that they have a significant impact on the children they teach. They do not take this responsibility lightly. Our staff are offered a multitude of professional development opportunities to ensure they are keeping up to date with the latest in educational practices.



(from 15 months)

Robina First Early Learning Centre provides care for children from 15 months. 

We offer a warm and soothing welcome to children as they adjust to what is for many, their first time in a long day care setting. Our educators are responsive to children’s needs and quickly establish trusting and loving relationships with children during this foundation stage in early childhood education.

We recognise that children learn best in supportive and predictable environments, therefore our programs, at this age, focus on gently introducing children to solid routines which provide a sense of stability, dependability and security to young children.

From the age of 15 months we begin to introduce children to sensory experiences to assist in the strengthening of neural pathways in the brain, specifically those associated with sensory awareness. Our programs are designed to engage children in an array of activities that stimulate these sensory pathways.

At this age, children start to develop an awareness outside of themselves which is the perfect time to begin to introduce them to the concept of community and socialisation. Our programs feature various learning experiences that support children in developing an understanding of how to respectfully engage in play with other children and form age appropriate bonds with others.

We work with families to build on basic listening and language skills and linking sounds to words. Our programs encourage children to use both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication to communicate their needs and provides opportunities for children to develop their listening skills. Each program is tailored specifically to address both individual and whole group needs and features a balance of teacher initiated activities and spontaneous play opportunities to ensure children are working towards key developmental milestones in a fun and supportive environment.

Our programs are based on the Early Years Learning Framework as outlined by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations for the Council of Australian Governments.