Why at Robina First Early Learning Centre we choose NOT to show your child’s face

Cassie YoungBlog

Children wearing hats

Our website and social media platforms are consistent in NOT showing your child’s face.  We photograph the children and the centre activities daily, creating information books for parents about their child’s day, but never release facial images on the internet, even though some parents are OK if we did, but we don’t!

Instead we may show children with hats on or backs of heads only.  My reasoning for this is quite simple – The safety of YOUR CHILD is my number 1 priority! 

Once an image of your child is uploaded on the internet, whether that’s a website or on social media, it can be accessed, shared, copied and used by anyone, anytime, anywhere and it’s this lack of control that made us at Robina First Early Learning Centre create our ‘no child’s face online’ policy.  We love seeing the happy faces of children and from a marketing perspective it would be great if we could advertise just how happy our children are at the centre.  However you and your child’s security is too important for us to compromise this, which is why, even if approval is given, you will never see one of Robina First Early Learning Centre’s beautiful children’s faces online, at any time.