Activities for Every Child

Each child is different and unique, so what sorts of activities are perfect for your little one?

Take our quiz here then read on to find out what’s best for your child’s personality type.

The Sensitive Child

Your little one is gentle and loveable, but don’t let that laid-back demeanour fool you – they are also prone to stubbornness! They understand and connect with others via feelings and they can be very sensitive. Activities for this child include meditation and yoga, group activities and talking to them about how they and other people might be feeling.


The Confident Child

Your little one is courageous! They are a doer who is extraverted, independent and needs to feel in control. Confident children need to be kept busy through activities that engage their gross motor skills, their hands and all of their senses. At Robina First, we engage confident children with activities like sports, puppets and art.


The Anxious Child

Your wise little one is a thinker. They fixate on details and can be fearful of new situations. While prone to anxiety, these children are often great with animals or plants and they do well when what’s going to happen next is clearly explained. At Robina First, we cater to the anxious child by helping them to care for gardens and pets, provide them with routines and structure and provide plenty of opportunities to nurture plants in our Centre garden.


The Outgoing Child

Your little one is cheeky and confident. They are extroverted, love to talk and it’s usually all about them! They might be easily distracted or move onto the next project quickly. They need activities to be fun and they are often thinking about the future. They are your little whirlwind! Activities for this child include role play and dramatic play – you may have a future actor on your hands!