Why at Robina First Early Learning Centre we choose NOT to show your child’s face

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Our website and social media platforms are consistent in NOT showing your child’s face.  We photograph the children and the centre activities daily, creating information books for parents about their child’s day, but never release facial images on the internet, even though some parents are OK if we did, but we don’t! Instead we may show children with hats on or … Read More

About Cassie and the Creation of Robina First Early Learning Centre

Cassie YoungBlog

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Hi I’m Cassie Young and just like my name, I am dedicated to the education of our young people.  In 2011 I graduated from the University of Southern Queensland with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood).  From a young age I was interested in psychology and the science of people and how they learn and as the eldest child in … Read More

How to Choose a Childcare Centre


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This is my list of top 6 areas to consider when selecting a Robina childcare centre for your child.  At Robina First Early Learning, we focus on so much more than this, but here’s a starting place for you in making your selection: Go with your gut – if you feel uncomfortable, so will your child. Cleanliness & Presentation of … Read More

Developing Trust with Children

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Whether you are integrating a new partner, having family visit or introducing new people to your child, here is a useful guide in how adults can build trust with children. Generally as parents we teach our children to not trust strangers, so don’t think it’s a bad thing if your child doesn’t embrace a new person immediately, even if you … Read More

Tips for managing bad behavior

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Biting, spitting, swearing, scratching, shouting, crying for long periods of time, breath holding, head banging, damaging property…all in a days work for some children. What do you do? Focus on the behavior not the child. e.g “writing on the wall is naughty” not “you’re naughty” You must have consequences for action. e.g “You know that when you chose to write on the … Read More

Tips on Toilet Training

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Research shows the later you toilet your child, the more likely your child will have issues with bladder and bowel control.  Nappy companies want to sell you pulls-ups and have started ranges for 5-8 year old children. Late toilet training can lead to self esteem issues and urinary tract infections.  Children will need to be toilet trained before they start … Read More