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Bec Markwick - Prep Enrolment Officer

We caught up with Mudgeeraba Creek State School Enrolment Officer, Bec Markwick to gain some insight into Mudgeeraba State School and find out all you need to know about enrolling in Prep.

What’s unique about your school?

Our school values of Friendship, Achievement and Respect are the foundation for learning at Mudgeeraba Creek. Our school has an award winning STEM and Digital Technologies programme led by specialist teachers. Japanese language is taught from Prep and we also have sport, music, cultural and leadership programmes to engage our students.

What’s your prep orientation like? What activities are in place to help my child and family settle into school?

There are a number of opportunities for families to learn about Mudgeeraba Creek.

A Prep Enrolment pack can be mailed to families, this contains a wealth of information about the school and the enrolment process.


2021 Prep information Sessions have been tentatively rescheduled for Thursday 10 September, provided it is deemed safe to do so at this time.


The first session will be held at 9.30am in our Performance Centre and will be repeated at 5.30pm in the same location.


If it ends up that these sessions cannot be held onsite (due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions), a ‘virtual’ tour and information session will be emailed to families instead. In the meantime, please find below a Principal’s Welcome video message from Mrs Deirdre von Guilleaume as well as a brief overview of our school:


Principal’s welcome

Information for families considering Prep enrolment:


Later in the year we will invite 2021 Prep students for an individual enrolment interview with a member of our Leadership Team. This will either be ‘face to face’ or via phone/skype, depending on the COVID climate at that time. Two orientation mornings will be offered in November, and in December a ‘meet the 2021 class and class teacher’ morning will be held. Of course all of this relies on us continuing to be COVID safe and following the health guidelines at the time.

Prep 2021 Info Session

How does your school communicate with families?

Mudgeeraba Creek has a Prep Enrolment Officer, Bec Markwick. When families make contact with the school Bec via e-mail or telephone Bec will answer their inquiries, arrange interviews and keep in touch with news and event updates relevant to enrolling families.
The school has a webpage with a large amount of information and also has a FaceBook page and Instagram where families can keep up to date with news.

How can I help prepare my child for ‘big school’? Are there particular types of knowledge, skills or abilities children are expected to have prior to starting at your school?

We know all children are unique and each comes to school with their own knowledge, skills and abilities. Be assured we welcome all children and will encourage them on their learning journey. If you are not already reading to your child, that’s a great opportunity to connect your child with literacy and ideas. Reading every day is as important for growing minds as eating, playing and sleeping.

How structured is the classroom environment in Prep? What is expected of children in a typical day?

All our Prep classes have routines and transitions that our teachers will introduce and explicitly teach. Children will have opportunities to play with friends, make new friends and play to learn too. There will be times when the class in expected to share on the mat and other times when students may be working in small groups, independently. Where they work depends on the work they are doing – sometimes on the carpet, sometimes outside and sometimes they will be a group with desks. In a typical day children will focus on literacy and numeracy for part of the day and also explore other subject areas across the week such as Japanese, History, Geography, Music and Drama, Technologies, Science, Physical Education and Health. Teachers will also deliver lessons around the 7 Habits which focus on developing social and emotional skills.

Meet the Mudgeeraba Creek Prep Teachers

(L-R) Mrs Wagner, Mr Jackson, Miss Brooke, Miss Sarah and Miss Katie
(L-R) Mrs Wagner, Mr Jackson, Miss Brooke, Miss Sarah and Miss Katie

Is there homework in Prep and what does this involve?

Prep homework develops across the year as students learn skills they practise at home. Every day students are encouraged to read, initially with an adult or older sibling and later in the year many students will become independent in their reading. As skills develop students will also practise sight words to become more confident and fluent at these. Teachers may also ask families assist children in preparing to share with the class, each teacher will give information about this.

What are some of the teaching and learning strategies used by class teachers to engage students requiring additional support?

Class teachers and teacher aides in each classroom provide a range of learning experiences to engage all students. They will develop targeted support and extension for those students requiring it. We also have specialist staff who can provide additional services and support as needs are determined.

All our teachers use the research work of Dr Robert Marzano “The Art and Science of Teaching” to enhance design of teaching and learning in classrooms. Parents are very welcome to discuss the individual needs of their student at the enrolment interview and of course with the class teacher when the Prep year begins.

Are there any considerations I need to make when packing a lunchbox?

Active children always appreciate lunch! We ask parents to make healthy choices as we know that’s the best way to fuel health minds. Classes will have a ‘munch and crunch’ mid morning fruit snack, morning tea and a lunch break.