National Child Protection Week 2021

National Child Protection Week is an annual campaign held Australia-wide to raise awareness of child abuse prevention and raise the profile of all issues connected with child protection. This campaign aims to engage and educate all Australians to understand they have a part to play in keeping our children and young people safe from violence, abuse and neglect.


Vashty, the author of Blossom Bunny's Secret
Vashty, the author of Blossom Bunny's Secret
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During this week we had a pleasure hosting Vashty Wilson, the author of the book ''Blossom Bunny's Secret''. Vashty and her adorable assistant, "Blossom Bunny", captivated our kindergarteners as they learnt about the meaning of personal safety. Teaching children simple strategies about keeping safe can help them build confidence, resilience and empower them to be safe in a variety of situations. Through a cute and engaging story about Blossom Bunny, this picture book thought children how to be direct in protecting their personal space, as well as how to get help in scary or confusing situations.

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Blossom Bunny’s Secret is a beautiful resource gently addressing a delicate subject in a non-intimidating way for children. It introduces young children to the idea of personal safety, and encourage them to communicate their worries to safe, trusted adults. Children can easily relate to the characters and emotive language weaved through the storyline. Blossom Bunny helps children to stay safe and feel empowered to protect their bodies.