Small World Challenge

The Challenge

Our educators are competing in a small world challenge! The prize is a $50 voucher. Winners will be decided by the total number of likes/votes across our social media pages.

Miss Acacia's Digger Small World

Acacia small world diggers

Miss Acacia’s Diggers small world play promotes:
🚜 Fine motor skills
🚜Hand-eye coordination
🚜Concepts of science, engineering, technology and mathematics

Miss Bri & Miss Pam's Farmhouse Small World

Bri and pam small world farm

Miss Bri & Miss Pam’s Farmhouse promotes:
🐔Sensory exploration
🐔Imaginative play
🐔Language development

Miss Rosemary's Indigenous Small World

Jan small world dinosaurs

Miss Rosemary’s Indigenous small world promotes:
🐨Australian Indigenous culture
🐨Sensory exploration
🐨Imaginative play

Miss Jan's Dinosaur Small World

Rosemary small world indigenous

Miss Jan’s Dinosaur’s promote:
🦖Imaginative Play
🦖Fine motor skills
🦖 Scientific concepts

What is a small world?

Small worlds are imaginative scenes created with 'small' toys for children to play with. Often they involve sensory elements and create both everyday and fantasy worlds in a safe a contained environment.  The goal is for children to act out ideas.  Whether it’s acting out a well-known home scene, or fighting a dragon in a fantasy world.

Why is small world play important?

Giving children the opportunity to act out experiences through small world play supports the development of their personal, social and emotional skills.